How to Obtain the Blessings of God (Letter Three)

Dear Y.B.M.:

At this writing, I am sitting in my vehicle in front of a United Parcel Service office in Hamden, Connecticut, waiting for them to open so that I can pick up an important package.

By the way, so that you will know, due to the nature of my work, I travel a lot, so I will be writing these letters from all over the United States. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, mostly raised in New Bern, North Carolina, and at this writing I reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

I trust that you have come to know your Creator, God, by believing in His Son, Jesus Christ as your Saviour. That is, indeed, the most important thing that you will ever do in your life. Congratulations, if you have made that all important decision. If perhaps you have not done so, please do not procrastinate, for tomorrow, as they say, is not promised you.

Now, in this letter, I would like to share with you how it is that you can obtain the coveted blessings of God in this life. Those who are genuinely happy and successful in this life are those who have been blessed by God. You may ask, “well, what is a blessing, anyway?” I’ve heard older folks in my family use the term often, and I myself used to wonder, “What is a blessing?” Well, according to Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, it means: Continue reading “How to Obtain the Blessings of God (Letter Three)”

Get to Know Your Creator (Letter 2)

Dear Y.B.M.:

I trust that you are doing well today. I am doing fine.

If you have not done so already, may I strongly encourage you to get to know your God? Dear friend, you will not have a happy, fulfilling, successful life without God as your center. It simply will not happen.

Now when I say get to know God, I am not talking about joining a church, getting baptized, doing good works, or becoming more active in church. I am talking about getting to know God personally for yourself. Here is what I mean: Continue reading “Get to Know Your Creator (Letter 2)”

The Main Thing (Letter 1)

Dear Y.B.M.:

I am writing this letter from Hamden, Connecticut. I trust that you are doing well in these days.

Recently, I was speaking at a church in Orlando, Florida, and I saw a sign on the front of the pulpit that read:

The Main Thing
Is To Keep
The Main Thing
The Main Thing.

In this, my first letter to you, I would like to speak to you about the most important aspect of your life — your Spiritual Life: the Main Thing. Now, you may not now think that your spiritual life is the most important part of your life, but trust me, it is. The longer you live on planet earth, the more you realize that life is more about the inner man than the outer man; for you see, you are not a body with a spirit. Rather, you are a spirit with a body. If your physical body would fall away, you would still exist. Continue reading “The Main Thing (Letter 1)”

Letters to Young Black Men: Introduction

It appears that many people are concerned about the worsening conditions in the black community of America. And let’s just be honest: we are in a bad way, generally speaking. I say, “generally speaking,” because there are some blacks who are not doing badly at all. But the black community, in general, is not doing that well. You don’t believe that? Just read the newspaper: we’re killing one another, robbing our parents and grandparents, raping our women, selling death to the dying, going to jail wholesale, murdering our babies, not taking care of our responsibilities, and wiping out our future. Continue reading “Letters to Young Black Men: Introduction”